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Single effect absorption chiller which is manufactured by Sari Puya Co. is one of common refrigeration (or A/C) systems in Iran. It uses Thermal energy (by fossil fuels like natural gas) to produce chilled water.

We have two common types in Iran. Water-Lithium Bromide and Ammonia-Water. Sari Puya Co. is biggest manufacturer of Water-Lithium Bromide absorption chillers in Iran.

Thermal energy which is needed in generator of chiller can be achieved by warm water, hot water, steam or direct fire. In single effect chillers we don't need very high temperature heat source. Temperature from 85 to 120 degrees of Celsius is enough for this type. (Working cycle and detailed specifications are available in catalogues)

Because of concentrating absorbent (Lithium Bromide) in one stage its name is single effect.
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