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Sari Puya Co., with more than two decades of active presence in the field of air conditioning production in Iran, is fully aware of the changes that have taken place in the needs of the market, customers, variety of construction and cooling products, environmental issues, as well as the prices of energy carriers. In this regard, recently, customers and the market have introduced new products as commercial and domestic air conditioners. The catalog currently provides technical specifications for duct splits, which are part of the products.
The benefits of these products have made it a good alternative for units that do not have central air conditioning. Because each residential, office or commercial unit can decide on their use (in order to manage costs, the desired temperature, etc.) in their operation. It should be noted that Sari Puya Company is in accordance with the requirements of the country's industry and economy. Using the best parts and the most up-to-date technical knowledge, they have been working on their production in the company. Therefore, the respectable buyers can enjoy the pre-sale and after-sales service, superior quality and reasonable price according to the company's history.
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