Water Cooled Scroll Chillers

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Air-cooled scroll compression chillers is an equipment which consumes electrical power and provide required cooling load for public places and buildings.
The primary energy is used in these chillers is electrical energy that run the electromotor of the compressors.
The compression chillers use water as heat transfer fluid. Chillers cools the water and The Chilled water is transferred to air handling units or fan coils by pump in a closed loop. The air conditioning units receive the chilled water to cool the spaces. After that chilled water return to chiller to be chilled in the evaporator.
Total heat from the building and input electrical power to the compressor is rejected to surroundings by air cooled condenser and fans. The chiller and condenser can be manufactured integrated or separated according to customer's order.
This equipment is utilized by scroll compressor with the highest quality that is available in the market.
Due to the use of water in cooling tower, this is the best option for regions without any restriction in high quality water supply. This is because of lower power consumption rather than air cooled chillers.

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