Sari Pouya company in order to enhance operation of the offered products to its customers in addition to after-sales service units has established the training unit. Sari Pouya company entrust contracting companies that introduce the maintenance of the sold machines to personnel of the company free of charge. The aim of this training course is to provide the learners with the knowledge to proper maintenance and resolve system defects.

How to participate in training classes


After completing the project and complete settlement and delivery of system, the vendee company is obliged to introduce to Sari Pouya Company in writing its personnel for training machine maintenance. After training reaches a quorum, the training classes will be held in company’s place for three consecutive days. The number of participants in classes will be determined depending on cooling system capacity (maximum three people). It is worth mentioning that the priority is with those persons that have registered earlier. If a company or a project due to high number of people or special features requested for holding training courses in a place other than Sari Pouya Company it must submit in writing its request to the company to announce the result to applicant companies after study .

Required documents for registration


  • One 3*4 back endorsed photograph (project name or contracting partners, Name & surname, year and place of birth)
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of National ID
  • Accurate and legible postal address and cell phone in order to send documents