After sales services of Sari Puya Company provide support services on all working days, from 8 am to 6 pm to customers .

The services include 2 parts :

1. Services for operating season (from early May to late October)

  • New launching: measures to launch the device for the first time .
  • Restart: Measures according to customer’s demand to ensure device restart at the onset of operating season .
  • Maintenance: measures in operating season to remove problems and resolve potential system failures .

2.  Services for non operating season

  • Sampling of lithium bromide: In order to utilize chiller with maximum efficiency, it is necessary at least once a year to test lithium bromide dilution. The best time for sampling, is at the end of the operating season .
  • Chiller sediment removing: due to performance downfall of the heating transformers (condenser and observer) that are caused due to sediment on the internal surfaces of pipes and subsequently reduction of system performance, it is necessary to improve in every season before launching, the tube evaporator and condenser for removing sediments .
  • To check engine room issues: checking other engine room equipments to ensure their proper performance
  • Periodic visits: measures that annually in coordination with relevant projects (even in the cities), for checking engine room equipments and perform necessary services for chiller .