Sari Pouya company, from the time the customer decides to buy chiller commits itself toward the customer and within the entire process step by step will move along to let the customer have an ensured, specialized, economic purchase away from any iterant exertion and compulsory costs. In the same way company engineers are always responsive and honest advisers for customers and addition to that before launching any devices they carry out three free consultations as follows :

  • First consultation: to launch free revision from the project and declare necessary requirements such as the conditions of engine room, boiler size, pumps, pipeline, etc.
  • Second consultation: to recheck necessary provided equipments in order to note to fix probable problems, deficiencies or make the necessary replacements

Third consultation: final review of provided equipments and carried out measures for installation and operation of devices

After implementing the above steps appropriately with customer’s cooperation, there will be ensure that the machine acts with the best possible performance and highest life long and any re-work and imposed costs will be avoided .