Sari Pouya Company with deep-rooted experience is the first and largest in industry and manufacturer of absorption chillers in the Middle East .

 In 1368 (1989) as an engineering and contracting company inaugurated its activities and since its directors have always been seeking innovation and new activities, based on the experience and knowledge in the field of installations and facilities the company places knowledge-based production within its future plan and in 1370 (1991) the first chiller in Iran was designed by this company and 1372 (1993) the company’s first product manufactured and was released to marketplace. At present time, the company’s products include different absorption chillers ranging from Single Effect, Double Effect and Direct Fire with capacities of 30 to 1400 tons of refrigeration .

Sari Pouya Company using the most reliable standards in design, supply of raw materials & control and steering system, successfully received Germany DQS Company’s ISO9001:2008 certificate for its products in designing, manufacturing and after sales services .

Sari Pouya Company is proud to record in workbook of its participation years in the marketplace, manufacturing over 250,000 tons of cooling and up to this time in more than 1500 projects across the country (even in remote areas) the company’s devices are being used some of which in terms of quality are working with the most credible brands in the world and none of the devices in the projects have not yet replaced. All of these is considered as a golden indication for Sari Pouya’s presence in this market .

Sari Pouya Company not only is a well known and credible brand in internal market, but has attempted beyond the borders established well-known position in overseas markets and equipment of Kabul Golden hotel is only a tiny emblem of this logic .